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Most Beautiful Greige Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: 2 days ago

Source and design: Jennaye Design

Greige is the perfect balance between beige and gray. It is a tad lighter than taupe, but warmer than a typical gray; it makes it the perfect flexible neutral. A greige kitchen offers sophistication, comfort and soothing vibes. It pairs perfectly with brass, a crisp white quartz or marble, as well as all wood tones. It is warm, inviting and cozy. Here are some of our favorite greige colors for kitchen cabinets.

1. Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore : This is more of a beige than greige color but I love it. It became a fan-favorite after Studio McGee used it in their mudroom. It has a slight yellow undertone and it works best in a South-facing room and when mixing it with other neutral and warm tones.

Source and design:

2. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams: This color has a hint of green mixed in with beige and gray tones. It works perfectly with other warm shades. In a room with more yellow toned lights, Agreeable Gray will take on more of a beige look.

Source and design: Jennaye Design

3. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore: Revere Pewter can sometimes be considered more gray than greige, and can be perceived as a taupe color. It has warm undertones and a muddy-feel to it. A good complementary color is BM White Dove.

Source: Kayle Paine

4. Wind’s breath is part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Color collection, but it looks more beige than white. (This is definitely more of a beige than greige, but had to showcase it because it is gorgeous on kitchen cabinets). It offers subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil and serene environments. Careful when pairing it with other colors with a pink undertone.

Source: NewRiverBuild

5. Creamy Mushroom by Behr is cozy and versatile and will add a timeless feel to your kitchen cabinets. It is considered more of a taupe than a cream.

Source and design: JennaSueDesign

Visit the following website for more pictures of Creamy Mushroom by Behr:

6. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore: This calming light greige has undertones that are a blue-green.

Source for photo above

Source: Homebunch

7. Edgecomb gray. Benjamin Moore describes it as “a go-to gray that's timeless with a modern edge, this earthy, organic neutral is soft and stylish, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal.” It is best paired with Cloud White or Simply White. It picks up a very mild pink undertone and sometimes has a wink of green here and there.

Source: TheGrowersDaughter

Source: Design/Build: Gather Projects | Staging: Lexi Grace Design | Photography: Rennai Hoefer

8. Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams : Lighting plays a big part in how this paint color is perceived ; it is a chameleon. In a South facing room, Anew gray looks warmer and lighter and has a green undertone. Its cousin, Agreeable gray, is more flexible when pairing it with other nude tones.

Door is Anew Gray. Source

9. River reflections: River reflections is more of a taupe than a greige. Unlike other taupe colors, this color does not have pink undertones, it is more muddy.

Source for photo above

10. Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore This is a warm neutral greige with a slight yellow and pink undertone.

Source: Designed by Andrea McQueen

11. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore is a creamy timeless warm color with a vintage look that can give off a slight yellow tint.

Source: Jodi Mockabee

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Happy designing!

The Roses

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