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Shade Sails: An Inexpensive Alternative

Updated: May 23, 2021

My husband and I have been talking about building a gazebo for a few years now. But since the cost of wood has gone up exponentially during the pandemic, we decided to look for an alternative. Tyler suggested a shade sail; after googling the idea, I agreed.

We opted for the AsterOutdoor Sun Shade Sail Rectangle 10' x 13' UV Block Canopy in the color Cream (the color is more of a soft yellow than a cream), purchased from Amazon. This company offers many different sizes, shapes and colors. The 10’ by 13’ sail was 60$ before tax. The quality isn't fantastic, but it does the job and adds coziness to the area.

Here are other affordable shade sails:

You can find them at as well.

Happy decorating!

The Roses

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