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How to build an accent wall

Updated: May 23, 2021

A feature wall is a fairly inexpensive renovation that can add a lot of flare to a room. Here is how we created ours:

Before starting the wall, we designed the pattern on AutoCad, a computer design software that allows one to draw and edit digital designs. If you do not have access to this program, not to worry. You can draw your design by hand. I recommend drawing it out before starting so you can order the right amount of pieces, avoid having awkward-looking pieces and a design that isn’t well centered, and avoid outlets and light switches.

We purchased 35 pieces of METRIE S4S Primed MDF Moulding - size: 9/16" x 1 1/2" x 12' at RONA, online. At the time (January 2020), each piece was 5,49$ each, for a total of about 300$ for the moulding only. They are now 6,49$ each at Rona:

After designing our wall on AutoCad, we prepped the wall. We filled all the nail holes, sanded the wall lightly, and then primed the wall with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Multi-purpose Latex primer.

After priming, I put on one coat of Benjamin Moore Regal paint (Ulti-Matte finish), color Chantilly Lace.

Then I started cutting the pieces with a miter saw. You can rent a miter saw at Home Depot for about 50$ a day. I first installed the framing pieces, and then worked my way up from the bottom left corner. I cut all the pieces at a 45 degree angle and I used a nail gun (you can also rent this for about 40$ a day) to secure the pieces to the wall. In order to make sure that all pieces were perfectly parallel, I cut two spacer blocks (a small piece of the moulding) which allowed me to make sure all the pieces were seperated with the same amount of space. In total, it took me about 8 hours to cut and nail all the pieces. There was a lot of back and forth between the garage and the wall.

Once I finished nailing the pieces on the wall, I used wood filler to fill all the nail holes and seems. I let it dry overnight, and then sanded the filler the next day. We then caulked around the wall and I finished it off with two coats of the Benjamin Moore Regal paint (Ulti-Matte finish), color Chantilly Lace. Make sure to paint over your caulk or else it will turn yellow.

With delivery of material, this wall cost us around 300$ to make; we already had the tools and the paint. Budget around 500$ if you are renting tools and buying paint.

This is a nice alternative if you want something a little less "permanent":


And voilà! Happy building!

The Roses

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