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Most Popular Green Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

A green kitchen is a timeless option. There are a lot of beautiful green kitchens on Pinterest and Instagram to be inspired by. I rounded up some of the most popular Benjamin Moore green paints and bought samples for each color to see what they look like in my South facing kitchen, filter-free.

As much as I tried to capture the exact color of each paint, it is not 100% accurate since my camera modifies the colors slightly. Check out our Pinterest page for videos of these colors. All samples are next to Chantilly Lace cabinets.

Dark Olive

Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore adds a rich, dramatic, earthiness and elegance to your space. It has a slight gray/brown undertone that makes this color timeless.

Source: KateMarkerInteriors

Photo above: Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore

Forest Floor

I was pleasantly surprised by this color by Benjamin Moore. It is a calm, rich, timeless green. If you are looking for a green that is a bit richer and darker than Peale Green, then opt for Forest Floor.

Source: JillianHarris

Photo above: Forest Floor by Benjamin Moore

Peale Green

Peale Green is a warm, timeless, earth forest green. It’s deep without being too dark. It is a true green without being too “grass-green”.

Source: JennaSueDesign

Photo above: Peale Green by Benjamin Moore

Fairmont Green

Benjamin Moore describes it as “ a straightforward green that conjures fresh-cut grass.” I’d say that is a suitable description. It is a bright green that appears a tad lighter than Peale Green and Sweet Basil. It doesn’t have a grey or brown undertone at all.

Source: House&home, Mélanie Cherrier, Blanc Marine Living

Photo above: Fairmont Green by Benjamin Moore

Martha’s Vineyard

This colour is part of the Classic Colour Collection. I would describe it as a true forest-cottage green.

Source for photo above

Photo above: Martha's Vineyard by Benjamin Moore

Carolina Gull

This colour definitely has notes of grey. Benjamin Moore describes it as a “a rich, versatile midtone that exhibits appealing notes of gray and warm green.”

Photo above: Oak Story Design

Photo Above: Carolina Gull by Benjamin Moore

October mist

This sage green has a minty look to it. It has more of a green undertone than blue or red. Some people describe it as a true neutral. It pairs well with White Dove or Chantilly Lace.

Photo above: via Kindred Interiors

Photo Above: October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Oil Cloth

I was surprised by this colour when I received the sample (I'm still wondering if our paint supplier messed up on this one...) The green undertone in Oil Cloth is very subtle, it is more of a muddy taupe colour in my opinion.

Above: via Heidi Callier Design

Above: Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore

Sweet basil

Sweet basil is a dark, warm forest green. I could see this colour looking lovely in a cottage setting.

I hope this list helps you narrow down your choices for your green kitchen! Don't forget to check out our videos of each color on our Pinterest page.

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Happy decorating!

The Roses


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