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Most Beautiful Blue-Black Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Blue-black kitchen cabinets are timeless, sophisticated and practical. They accentuate metal details and pair well with many types of quartz, marble, granite and wood tones. Blue-black kitchens feel high quality, luxurious and chic. Here are some of our favorite blue-black paint colors for kitchen cabinets:

1. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore

Cheating Heart is a muted navy blue with a bit of gray. It pairs well with a crisp white paint like Chantilly Lace BM, Oxford White by Benjamin Moore or High reflective white by Sherwin Williams.

Photo Above - Source:, Color: Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore with a lot of natural light.

Photo Above - Source: , Color: Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore

2. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy is more blue than black and it works well with cool and warm undertones. In a South-facing area with a lot of natural daylight, it does a good job at not absorbing light and holds its blue gray color really well. In a North-facing room, it will appear much darker, almost black, and the blue gray undertone will be less noticeable. It pairs well with Sherwin Williams Repose Gray which also has a blue gray undertone. For trim, Benjamin’s Moore Chantilly Lace is a good contrasting color.

Photo Above - Source: Design Shop Interiors, Color Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

3. Midnight by Benjamin Moore

Midnight is a very dark gray (almost black) with a slight blue undertone. It pairs well with warm-toned paints such as Equestrian Gray by Benjamin Moore or Polar Frost. If you are looking to paint your walls white, look into Simply White, Chantilly Lace or White Dove, all by Benjamin Moore.

Photo Above - Source: Photo by Lisa Goode, Color Midnight by Benjamin Moore

4. Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore

Raccoon Fur is another blue-black color. When surrounded with white, it will read more as blue. When paired with more muted colors, it will look more gray. It works well with bronze or stainless steel hardware.

Photo Above - Source: Design Manifest, Color Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore

5. Soot by Benjamin Moore

This warm and inviting color is more of a black paint with a very subtle blue undertone. Studio McGee calls it a “moody gray-black that isn’t too cold”.

Photo Above - Source: HomeBunch, Color Soot

6. Railings by Farrow And Ball

Railings is a soft black with a blue undertone. It pairs well with Peignor, Manor House Gray and Mole’s Breath, all by Farrow And Ball.

Photo Above - Source: Design by Eyeswoon, Color Railings by Farrow & Ball

7. Blacktop Benjamin Moore

Photo Above - Interior design: @smithericksondesigns, Color BlackTop


8. Benjamin Moore Black 2132-10

Photo Above - Source: SmithEricksondesigns, Color Black 2132-10 by Benjamin Moore

9. Black Lead by Dunnedwards

Photo Above - Source: AmberInteriors, Photo: tessaneustadt, Color Black Lead by Dunnedwards

10. Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams

Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams is a moody blue-gray. It looks similar to Outerspace but is a bit lighter and has less of an indigo undertone.

Photo Above - Source: Studio Mcgee, Color Grays Harbor

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Happy renovating!

The Roses


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